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Posted by Tikiman1714 at Oct 31, 2011 6:33:11 AM
Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread]
Pirate Name: Markal
Ocean: Viridian
Story Title: The Curse of Cortez
Entry Category Preference and Requested Name of Familiar: Parrot first, I would like it to be named Cortez.

Link to Audio Recording:

The Curse of Cortez

Text of story:

They are, but never were, forevermore will be, but unremembered.

They were a curse brought upon mankind, a blight shown to them by the ancient gods for the greed and violence they wrought. Those are the days that most White Men now seek to see banished even from the history books. But I write this now, that we men may be forced to remember. He was called Cat Sparrow by White Men. He had the heart of some of the most storied Aztec warriors, black as the deepest oceans and tortured more still by all the dying screams of the people that once called him a deity.

Over three-hundred years ago the civilization, known to us as the Aztecs, stood above all others. Peace was won at the tip of a sword and their cities, safe and powerful, this, long before my birth.

Then, we White Men came to their lands from ours, far across the seas. They thought us gods, beings of divinity and creatures prophesied of by their elders! Our weapons more powerful than theirs and our numbers more vast than the sea-sands. They showered us with gifts of gold and gems and peace reigned. But during those years we White Men became increasingly greedy and it became clear to them that we were not gods, but mere mortals like them.

War came between us and though our weapons were superior, their warriors fought strongly and banished us from their land for a short time. But we returned, with more men and with more power and brought a bloody war that saw their cities and culture destroyed. For this, their priests called upon their gods, that a curse be brought upon the White Man. The god of war, Tezcatlipoca, and his personal force of warriors answered this call and came to earth taking on the form of leopards that stood as men. Immortal and undying they swore to hunt down and kill every last surviving relative of the men that destroyed the people that once loved them.

My story begins nearly two-hundred and fifty years later, I am the seventh generation from the man known as Cortez. I had always been told of this curse upon our family line, as my father and grandfather died at sea, but never put much faith in it.

It was on the night of April the fourth that I heard gunshots ringing out across the bay. They were unlike any guns I had ever heard, the sound was of more of a ferocious growl than anything. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end as I raced to get dressed and armed for battle This day, my life was made forfeit, my name is Agrippa and this is my tale.

I jumped from the bed and raced for the trunk that contained my weapons and armor. Before I could even get down the hallway I saw a pair of catlike eyes staring at me from within the darkness.

A voice from the shadows said "Surrender now mortal, and I shall not cut you down where you stand."

It was then that I realized that I was surrounded, I said "What do you want of me?" The Voice replied "Me? I want nothing of you, but my captain wishes to see you, come, get dressed, put on your finest clothes."

He stepped into the light and I saw him in full. He was dressed in general sailors clothing but he was every bit like a leopard that stood upon two feet. I rose to my feet to try and meet him face to face. He grinned a toothy grin as I realized that he stood two heads taller than me. His stature was fearsome, he extended a paw to me and said "Come on then, the captain is waiting to see you."

I nodded and he turned his back to me and said "Get dressed and come out when you are ready." I hurriedly got dressed and walked out the door and saw them standing there on the beach. Five others were with him, each standing taller than me by a head or so. They led me to the little boat and we rowed out into a dark sea.

I saw the ship by the light of the flames from the cannons as it bombarded the town. It was huge, larger than any ship-of-the-line. The one who had confronted me stood and held a paw in the air and the bombardment stopped as we got closer to the ship. We pulled up to its side and the sails unfurled as they signaled me to climb up.

He took me to a cabin, and he said "Tomorrow you meet the captain, now you must rest." He closed the door and locked it behind him. needless to say, I hardly slept at all that night.

Early the next morning I awoke when the door was opened and the morning light flooded in. The same leopard-man stood there and said "Good Morning, I hope your sleep was restful, come, the captain is waiting."

I followed behind him not saying a word.

He led me to the captains quarters and closed the door behind him as he left. I saw him standing there for the first time, staring out the aft windows of the ship. He turned to me a grinned, it sent chills down my spine.

He was dressed in a white linen shirt with a pair of faded red pants on. He wore a green sash about his waist and a bright red bandana adorned with all manner of beads and coins. He had a beard that he had split into two and braided with the tips having a bead at each end. On top of all this he wore a large dark brown cloak and had a sword hanging from his hips that not even the mightiest human could wield.

He said to me "sit down and eat you must be hungry." I shook my head and asked "If you are going to kill me as is my lot then be done with it, enough of this toying around." He looked into my eyes and said "Not yet young one, not yet. You are the last of them and we've finally found you, your forefathers all set to sea, but you, you stayed inland, you were tricky to find I'll admit. But we must end this properly so that my peoples pain, my pain, may be quenched and at last our souls can rest in the warriors paradise forevermore."

I said "What is properly?" He replied "You must be offered as an apology to my people and be forgiven, then we may rest from this eternal hunt. We will be at the sacred grounds by tomorrow this time. Know this, you will die that the curse may finally be lifted, there is no escaping your fate."

I asked "Are you not the god Tezcatlipoca come to Earth that me and my line be extinguished and vengeance shall be won for your people."

He said "Mmmmmm, you're a bright one and a historian no less. Come, sit with me and eat, I wish to hear more about you and your forefathers, though I killed them, I never talked to one of them face to face. I am most interested in you and your family line as you and your forefathers have been the most worthy prey."

I sat down cautiously and he sat across the table from me, the table was adorned with some of the finest dishes that I had heard of all cooked by a master chef. I began to eat and he said "I hope you like the wine, it's the finest quality taken from a galleon."

Around midday the door opened and the same cat that had escorted me to the ship walked in. The captain said to him "Quartermaster, take this man to my cabin, he shall sleep where the captain sleeps." The quartermaster replied "Captain, you should not be talking with a filthy White Man, he is the man who killed our people this is the man..." "Silence quartermaster!" said the captain. "He will sleep where the captain sleeps for this night, tomorrow he dies as the final sacrifice to atone for the atrocities committed by his people! But for tonight, he is my guest." The quartermaster protested "I'll not do it I shall not see the enemy of our people seen to luxury...Argh!"

Before the quartermaster could finish his sentence the captain stabbed him through the chest. He said "I could kill you for this, but just feel this pain for now and know that what I say goes without question from now on eh?" The quartermaster looked up at the captain and said "Yes...sir, I will you say!" "Good" said the captain. He pulled the blade from the quartermasters chest and the wound quickly closed up and healed but left a ghastly scar in its place.

The quartermaster stood up and took me by the arm and walked me up to the captains sleeping quarters. I collapsed on the bed, the wine and what I had just seen were heavy on my head, I fell deep asleep in only a few minutes.

I awoke the next day realizing that the ship had stopped. The captain was there standing over me with that same toothy grin. He said "It's time to go, I hope your head is clear." I replied "Clear enough."

He escorted me to the small raft that less than two days ago had brought me aboard the ship. The quartermaster and the other cat that had brought me aboard were sitting in the boat ready to hoist us down. The captain lifted me up with one arm and put me in the raft and then jumped in himself and we were lowered to the sea below.

We rowed for a time, and soon we rounded a bend of some jagged rocks and He spotted a lonely strip of white sandy beach. He said "Quartermaster, there!" The quartermaster rowed us toward the beach and soon we were standing on the warm white sand. As the other two stayed behind to stand with the boat, Cat Sparrow said to me "Go ahead yourself and tell me what you see." I nodded and walked a few paces ahead of the captain. He stopped and lifted a spyglass to his eye and surveyed the horizon as the quartermaster and the other crew member looked on. "Mmmmmmmm, We are in the right place." He walked over to me and unsheathed his sword. Feeling it was my time I closed my eyes, but he took hold of my hand and made a clean slice across the palm and let the blood flow onto the white sands.

He looked at horizon yet again and then touched my palm with his claw running it along the cut, healing it like the quartermasters wound had healed. I looked at the sands and they were clean and white, as if my blood had never been spilled.

He said to me "Your clean heart has allowed my people to forgive your race, but your life is required now to finish the rite."

He pulled a large roll of paper and feather quill from his cloak and said "Write the events of the past few days here, that your people may know and never again forget. You will die well, your blood will not be spilled, enough is enough."

Father Cortez, we are forgiven!


1934-1992 words based on both tools counting abilities. Thanks so much for such a great event, I really had fun writing and recording it, hope you like it.

Best of luck to everyone.
Markal on Viridian ocean.

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