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Posted by NotoreeouS at Oct 30, 2011 11:16:26 AM
Just an FYI
Just an FYI,

If any rumours get told that involve you, just tell me about it, I'll go investigate! :)


Party A told Party B

WTF, you supplied your ships to the other side for the blockade?

Party B goes, WTF, no I didn't? Who told you I did?!

Party B goes to the only pirate who only has information on his/her fleet, and goes WHAT THE !@#$? What have you been telling people?

Misunderstandings like this could be easily avoided, if you either A) Ask nicely for some information, i.e. Have you been supplying ships to the other side, Or B) If you feel uncomfortable, get a middle man to do it!

Oh oh, and a footnote:

I am not a Legacy puppet! Hopefully my friends can vouch for me there. Maybe a very staunch Legacy supporter, but definitely living, breathing, talking on his own free will. Legacy has not asked me to do this on their behalf, and I am sure I can find people to support and back me up on this :)

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