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Posted by NotoreeouS at Oct 30, 2011 11:15:09 AM
The Pirate Diplomat brings to you.... The Daily Pirate! (Mix of diplomacy and rumour stomping news)

Definition: Forum - a meeting or assembly for the open discussion of subjects of public interest.

The three posts below mine are pure examples of what shouldn't happen in a forum. If its too long and dont wish to read it, then dont! :) No need to advertise it for the rest of the world to care.


So after today's little mishap while jobbing for the Hadrian island blockade, while in an Imperial Coalition crew, and after having a heated discussion with Sverdup, I decided I was going to make a forum defence post about bullying and victimisation.

But thanks to my attention-to-detail nature, I was writing such a long essay, that I actually stumbled upon a better idea!

I decided information is something which I like the most, and distributing of that information, and also helping others out. So, as an idea, I thought I'd go around interviewing everyone with some quick-fire questions, and just compiling it all into information that someone could use.

If people haven't already realised, the main incident that I am going to kick off this interviewing, is about the "I-Hate-Legacy" bandwagon trend that is going around at moment. Legacy ought to make a production line into I-Hate-Legacy mugs and caps under an alt flag, they'd make a bloody killing!

Jokes aside, what this means is that there is going to be a bloke going around, being completely neutral, and purely reporting facts that are given to him by different parties, for different issues. Facts that include, why they are against a certain party, what said certain party can do to be in good graces again, and if not, what compromises can be made so that while, both parties cannot be friends, can at least treat each other with dignity and the show of good sportsmanship that goes with any sort of competitive thing (See Blockading; quote, "how bigs YOUR island?")

I'll ask for opinions and true certified thoughts, so don't be afraid to give me a few cuss words i.e. Blahblah are ****ing ****s I hate them they are so ****ing bad, but just make sure you add a reason to it, make sure its legible, and legit. And what your ideal solution is to the whole problem. With that, I will relay it to the party involved, and they can do what they want with it.

You must be willing to compromise, remember, you can't have the best world in one hand. I mean, shit, if I did, I'd be raging why I wasn't born in the Gates family.

So what I will do:

-Find cold hard nuggets of information, opinions from different sources and different people, and QUOTE them for it. I will be asking groups of people as well (i.e. flag royalty, crew senior command, etc)
-Post ongoing disputes and progress, as well as report on opinions, etc.
-Relay to the parties involved, and interview people involved.
-And try to get a general consensus of the ocean as well, which can be achieved by "interviewing" everyone from the various stages of the game; from newbie to pirate king.
-Report it on the forums for everyone to read, and hopefully quash any rumours about EITHER side of the board, and sift out which is true, and which is not.

What I don't want:

-Trolls. It just undermines your status mateys, I am trying to do a good thing here, use my time to barter a peaceful and fun game, so all you're doing is just shooting yourself in the foot in the long run, and your fellow pirates that you'd call friends.

What I wont do:
-Spread rumours.
-Be used as a middleman for attacks to the other side.
-Tell any information I am privvy to.

Hopefully I can get my trustworthiness up in the eyes of everyone one day for all this crap, because I am just merely playing my part and giving back to a game that gives to me.

This service will be provided free of charge to anyone that wants to have any of their disputes, issues and what not solved through a middleman. I'd certainly appreciate donations for my time invested, but I am merely doing this because I thought: hey, instead of starting another drama war on the forums about bullying, why not instead try to quash it with a solution.

Thanks to:

The pirates in the jobbing crew who read my messages.

Sverdup for having wrong theories, but giving me this grand idea! (indirectly, cheers to you though mate, you did make me mad enough to think about it in a sense)

Monlizzy for changing her mind and letting me job for her blockade.

To everyone that participates in my interviewing.

Lastly, Legacy, for creating a problem (again indirectly) that seems worth enough to fix.


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