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Posted by Rescue7 at Oct 30, 2011 10:21:58 AM
Re: Intent for Dendrite
[15:27:11] Ye told S, "ello"
[15:27:16] S tells ye, "ello"
[15:27:33] Ye told S, "my name is ___ and i recently created a new flag"
[15:27:51] Ye told S, "i was wondering if TBC wouldnt mind for a friendly pay-capped blockade"
[15:28:12] S tells ye, "paycap as in ?"
[15:28:55] Ye told S, "and paycap in a blockade"
[15:29:24] S tells ye, "yes paycap btu i am asking hopw much and in what sence ships or just poe"
[15:30:39] S tells ye, "lmao paycap for me we agree on 1K and thast it.. outjobbed is outjobber"

[15:31:21] Ye told S, "so what u defend for TBC?"
[15:31:30] S tells ye, "yes"

[15:35:25] S tells ye, "ki if you wanna do a cade at den.. go ahead drop nonsinking paycapetc ,,"

So Swede, what happened?

And lizzy, Are you the new bully of the Viridian?
--I understand you had all the jobbers already, but how come after numerous tells to lower pay due to the fact that Hadrian was a flagsit, you continued to outjob?

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