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Posted by xelto at Oct 30, 2011 5:36:45 AM
Pirates of Penzance presents a Cruise(r)-In!
Canceled due to real life. My apologies.

What: Want a chance to show off the ships you've blinged out? Want a chance to see what the ocean has done with their ships? This Saturday is your opportunity!
Where: Hunter ocean!
[b]When: Starts at 9:30 AM game time, and again at 9:30 PM game time, running for about half an hour each time. This way, no matter where you live, you'll have a chance to enter. If you're outside of North America, please note that North America is still on daylight savings time. No, don't ask me why.
Why: Pretty pixels are pretty.
How: If you want to show off your ship, simply chart a course to anywhere, then set your ship to flotilla attack and your chat bubble to anything you want that indicates you're part of the event. Then job everyone who applies, let them see your piece of art. I will have an alt who's inspecting the entries, while my main is showing off my own Cursed Isle Raider to everyone who hasn't had their eyes hurt by it.

Judging: To be eligible to win, your ship must have started its life as a regular ship. Promotional painted ships, limited edition, and unlimited edition ships may be shown off, but are not eligible for winning. Judging will be done by me, and my decision is final. I will be judging based on appearance and theming. Furthermore, you can't be part of a flag that dropped at any time that will overlap with the event. I specifically chose times outside of the usual blockade periods, and while I know that this isn't going to be anywhere near as important as a blockade, it would be nice to not have to compete for attention.
Prize: The winning entry will receive a Cursed-class sloop.
Other stuff: There is no entry fee. I will set up a tournament before each event, letting the ocean know what's going on.
Gurndigarn on Emerald Ocean
"Oh, come on. You jobbed onto a ship called the Cursed Isle Raider and you expected *refined*?"

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