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Posted by Soar at Oct 29, 2011 8:55:00 PM
Re: QuarterMaster Ver 2.5 Development Discussion
Ahoy mates!

Thanks for the feed back.

RE: Benwick
I can't seem to reproduce this one and it's showing as L size cb both in the ship info and in the damage caused in the DC. Could you confirm this on your end. It is possible the data gets mixed up somewhere after taking specific actions.

I think there are number of problems like this, where list data is not saving and loading correctly between uses. I'll recheck the whole system for the next patch.

1. The top space gets eaten up with the longer ocean names. It was pretty difficult finding a spot for it, heheh. I put it there as it is near the gold list, which is sort of similar in principle.
2. Yeah, that's what it is supposed to do, and used to do. I'll go over it all in the DC overhaul. The DC will get a larger version of itself then too.
3. Do you mean the vessel crew, or your "My Crew" crew?
4. Not sure why the black. It just ended up that way when I was redesigning it and I liked the look. It's supposed to be really dark wood, but I'm thinking to just go all black to save resources. I may do the background of the icon bars in wood though.
5. Not sure I understand you on this one. There is a forage payment system in the booty manager, is this what you mean?

And here are a few bugs submitted to me in-game...
- The crew tab on the sunshine widget will cause an error when pressed due to one of the image files being incorrectly installed. You can hack-fix it by renaming the offending file from "QuarterMaster\Iamges\CrewTab.bmp" to "QuarterMaster\Iamges\CrewsTab.bmp". It is the wrong image and although it fits, it will look a bit weird. The error will be gone though.
- The chat window does not save it's resizing and position settings between logins. Neither does the main window.
- The hearty list wont be able to see your hidden hearties, this is not actually a bug. You'll need to turn them on so that they are vissible in your Yoweb page. I think I'll save the list locally so that people may avoid this problem and only need to show hidden hearties when they wish to fully update their list.
- The Login window is not saving your last used pirate between logins as it should.
- The hearty icon doesn't seem to be working all the time.

...and an idea I am toying with: The possiblitiy of an online server for optional sharing of the data in the QM pirate database. This would reduce the load QM creates on the Yoweb, and give everyone more loaded pirates, even on a fresh installation.

Thanks for the reports mates! Keep 'em coming. I'll start on BETA-2 coding next week. This weekend is playtime. :D


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