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Posted by Soar at Oct 26, 2011 5:45:42 AM
Re: QuarterMaster Ver 2.5 Development Discussion

Would ye believe I am still actually working daily on this. I thought I'd have the first Beta going two weekends ago, lol.
It's the new installer/updater mates. It's giving me much trouble. But I am determined to get it done as the end result will be a good sight better than what we have now and will rid us of many problems being experienced by first-time users.


RE: Jarnjaz
Thank ye for yer post.

1. There is a damage counter overhaul on my list, and the more I get around the more players I meet who use it for multi-ship sinking despite it's inaccurracy. I could probably get the ship name thingy in there. But I wont be starting on the DC stuff till after the first beta files goes out, so sometime between then and the public release.

As for collecting data to workout the regeration rates. It would be a whole lot pain and PoE, and then, even should we succeed, it is highly probably the numbers would be tweaked by OOO at some point after we had gathered them.

2. Blockade point tracking/projection would go on a seprate list I'm keeping. But more on that after I get past QM ver 2.5.

3. Aye, that will be in the first Beta file coming shortly.

4. This one would be a bit too difficult. The disengage timer is affected a great deal by ship damage, and that's something that relies on user input accuracy. I guess it could be done, but there is many a thing higher on the to-do list atm. ;)

Thanks mate!


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