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Posted by rissarissa13 at Oct 22, 2011 2:17:29 PM
Halloween ROMS live Games!

Halloween ROMS!
Ocean: Viridian
Date & Times:

First Game:

Friday October 28, 2011
Time: 5pm GT/PDT.

Second Game:

Sunday: October 30, 2011
Time: Noon GT/PDT.

Hosting: Rissarissa
Where: Rissarissa's Manor on Jubilee.

Last Year's Game Information Thread:

Short Overview of ROMS:

Rogue OM Squad, or ROMS as it is known in short, is a forum role-playing game, based on the popular game Mafia.

It consists of a town of around 30 players (although this number varies per game). Most of these players are innocent. However, a select group of them are the Rogue OMs, or Rogues for short. The Rogues know each others' identities, while each innocent knows only their own status. The innocent townspeople must discover who the Rogues are.

Over the course of the game, the innocent players are trying to lynch all the Rogues, whereas the Rogues are trying to lynch or ban all of the innocents.

Each round consists of a lynching period (Day) and a banning period (Night), the length of which vary. In some games, no player posting is permitted during the Night.

During each lynching period, all players have the opportunity to vote for someone who they think is a Rogue. Players comb each others' posts and voting patterns for evidence to decide whom they are most suspicious of and would like to lynch. The rogues, however, attempt to mislead the town and lynch innocents while protecting their own from suspicion. They want to give the appearance of being helpful townies. Exact voting rules depend on the game, but generally whoever has received the most votes at the end of a specified period is considered lynched, and their status as innocent or rogue is revealed (along with any roles).

Once the lynching period is over, the banning period begins. One Rogue, either through an anonymous rogue account or through the game's moderator, announces the name of the player who is banned. The banned player has no further participation in the game, and the next round begins with another lynching period.

Lynched players reveal their status in a death scene immediately after they are voted out. Banned players may also post a death scene, but they may not reveal their status.

If at any time the number of innocent players is equal to the number of Rogues, the game ends in a rogue victory. If all of the rogues eliminated, then the game ends in a town victory.

For a more in-depth look at the culture and history of the ROMS games, visit the New Player's Guide to ROMS.


First Game:

Quick test run: Plain and simple. Vanilla game, no roles, this is to show new players how it works.

Second Game:

Vanilla Based Game. No roles, therefore you are either a townie or a rogue.

Third Game:

Role-Based Game!


First Place Medals for the winning teams! Colors are as follows white if you are townies & black if you are a rogue.

Portraits: Depending on who wins the town or rogues will be placed in a portrait with the moderators. All copies will be paid for and you will need to trade Rissarissa for the trinkets and portraits after the game ends.
As there will be two dates for games and two main games there will be four ways to win prizes!

Optional: At the end of the 3rd game of each participation, if you wanted a whole portrait of all players, regardless of winning or not in previous games. There will be a portrait given for that if it is wanted everything will be paid for.

How to Enter:

Doors to the Manor will be open prior at the start at Rissarissa's Manor on Jubilee. If in case you join while a game is currently active you will have to sit with the dead people in either another room or the next corner. This is to make sure you don't confuse the players. You will not be allowed to speak!

Also, if any people would like to Mod any of these games please let me know in advance! Any help would be appreciated.

Examples of Voting:

Voting will only be accepted this way:

/sh Vote: Riss

/sh Unvote: Riss

/sh Vote: Kate



- Communication relevant to the game is not allowed between players, with the exception of the rogues, who may only talk to other members of their group.

- Dead players may not disclose any information to live players.


- "Day" refers to the lynching period, when the thread is open for posting and voting.

- "Night" refers to the banning period. The thread is still open but no one may vote.

-Day will last 10 minutes

-Night will last for 5 minutes. Night role abilities must be sent in a /tell, or that ability will not be used. Bans must be sent in a /tell.

- Barring exceptional circumstances, lynches reveal status, while bans conceal it.

Game Over:

There are two possible endings to the game:

- Town victory: All of the rogues have been removed from the game.

- Rogue victory: The rogue team makes up 50% of the remaining players and nothing exists in the game that can alter this position.

If you like the server based games try the forum based!
Last Game Link.

Btw! Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy it and don't eat too much candy!

If you have any questions feel free to ask or post on this thread!

Btw big thank you out to Cattrin for making a banner in a rush, you did awesome at it! :D<333
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