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Posted by Kalingoding at Oct 21, 2011 4:12:03 PM
Re: The whiners & moaners foundation
3 x Sloop
2 x Baghalah
2 x War Brig
Total damage caused to the ocean: 500k

HAHAHAHAHAHHA oh man you're priceless. Please stick around so we can all laugh at how much of a dick you are.

What is wrong with a meaningless joke in my own articles to get the kids gawking?

When did I do anything to Dilemma? It seems that just by being part of Legacy and pvping on a near-equal-statted alt for a very good reason that I am doing something criminal.

You people need a better outlet for your time. This is a game.

You're an idiot.

It's a game, but it's a game with people. And when people are around, you expect civilized behaviour, but then again, I guess the regular social contract doesn't apply to you.

Wars have downsides, and you're avoiding them whilst making the opposing side have the full backhand of going to war.
Innuending one soul at a time
Copacabana, Viridian pixels

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