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Posted by Ridpvp at Oct 21, 2011 3:37:57 PM
Re: The whiners & moaners foundation
3 x Sloop
2 x Baghalah
2 x War Brig
Total damage caused to the ocean: 500k

HAHAHAHAHAHHA oh man you're priceless. Please stick around so we can all laugh at how much of a dick you are.

What is wrong with a meaningless joke in my own articles to get the kids gawking?

When did I do anything to Dilemma? It seems that just by being part of Legacy and pvping on a near-equal-statted alt for a very good reason that I am doing something criminal.

You people need a better outlet for your time. This is a game.
Ridpvp and Monotonous --- Meridian

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