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Posted by Ridpvp at Oct 21, 2011 6:51:59 AM
Re: The whiners & moaners foundation
Greyanatomy wrote: 
RidPvP wrote: 
I would like to add Imperial Coalition to the foundation. For a flag so large and so powerful...
Who would think that getting pvped once would cause so much hate?

How about we add Ridiculous to the foundation too then? Apparently setting up a sinking pvp or just a regular pvp off your alt is too 'scary' for you? As, I stated I can get access to an alt flag who will be able to war right away and I have no objections to moving this pirate over to get a few sinks on you.

This is very confusing ... are we talking about RidPvP, King of Ridiculous, or are we talking about Ridiculous, Officer of Nightmare, Legacy? Are the two related? Is this another way that Legacy does its shady business of saying one thing and doing another.

Whatever it is, RidPvP of Ridicilous ... this is very clever. Be careful mate, the line between legit PvP (especially sinking) on one side and alt-abuse to evade might is very thin, especially if you were to be linked to Nightmare/Legacy. And I do have proof that you hire low-statted alts on your PvP runs, and not just from Legacy ...

P.S.: Yes, I am threatening you here to play fair and honest, which I suspect you (King of Ridiculous, an alt and puppet of Legacy) have not done so far.

Before I laugh at your inability to be intimidating:

The Flag has nothing to do with Legacy, rather more to do with my love of pvp and my own crew's restrictions on it.

I pvp alone. And um... If anything I just use greenies who job via the Notice Board to help me.

I pvp for fun... on an alt... because I can war loads of people with no repercussions and still get the fun of sinky pvp.
My flag is named "Ridiculous" after my main... not a very hard line to draw...

The "proof" that I hire low-statted alts... I think you're above such empty and stupid comments. I would have been banned long ago if any evidence existed that I had done something wrong.

But still you assert that you have proof... And what is that, pray-tell? If you look up my pvp record I pvp alone with bots (always 4 pirates)... or with anyone I can amass in five seconds of 100% jobber cut job-offering.

Stating that you have proof, and then asking me to "play fair" as if you have any say in what I do or as if my fun is damaging the ocean completely? Arrogance.

Had I been playing unfairly... then I think at some point in my pvp spree I would have been banned.

I think you need another outlet for your time, Sver. From memory I've been nowhere near your crew or even your flag in terms of pvp.
Ridpvp and Monotonous --- Meridian

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