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Posted by Reeves90 at Oct 20, 2011 7:34:47 AM
Re: LOTTERY! Win 500k! 250k! 100k!
Is it just me or does this not include a draw date? Technically you could say "LOLOLOLOL I'm keeping the 1,000,200 poe from sales for 8 years and will draw on March, 25th, 2120."
I'm pretty sure that's an important part of an event, it the deadline.

The deadline is when we'll be done selling all 200 #'s. Simple. And I'm online everyday. So this will certainly be done within 2-3 weeks (Maximum.)

I dont think it will now knowing the funds will be going into your pocket.

The fact that you made that comment means you did not read the entire thread. However, given the benefit of the doubt that you did you should avoid being so condescending and dense.

"Together" is still a relatively new flag and as such they are going to have some kinks in the processes in which they do things. It is clear this *was* one of their kinks. However, as Kalinox's final post suggests they have figured that out and have and/or are developing a new system which will more responsibly handle the funds.

Give the kid a break.

Newer flags need to raise poe if they want to blockade, that is a given, this is a reasonable method on how to do so.

Kalinox find me in game, I will buy a couple more.
~ Reeves/Rreeves ~

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