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Posted by Alesanaftw at Oct 19, 2011 12:20:27 PM
Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread]
Pirate Name: Tjjsalt
Ocean: Hunter
Story Title: Hunter's Cat-Astrophe (I might change this later to something not so cheesey)
Entry Category Preference and Requested Name of Familiar:Written only.

Link to Audio Recording: Not going to be one D: I've become too busy this week

Text of story:

In a dimly lit room, featuring a sole light bulb a little off-center, there was a gathering of about 15 young cubs, and one aged and slow ex-captain. His fur was a dull orange by now, and his teeth were a golden yellow. They were all gathered around in the room for the monthly story-telling that took place. It was a way for the elders to teach the little ones about their proud heritage. This month, the aged Cat Sparrow, born Shaorann, was telling the story.

His raspy voice was barley heard through the murmuring of the cubs.

"Hello, little ones. As you all know, you are here to hear my story. I only have one thing to ask of you on this day: do not interrupt me." With that very sharp and un-questionable statement, the cubs all ceased their talking, which was a large part gossip, (they were debating who had the best coat of fur, and the best-looking face) Shaorann began his story.

"Forty-seven years ago, I was Captain of the exploration vessel 'Fionnachtana'. We were ordered by the Queen, Gra, to explore the East and try to conquer the primitive islands we would surely find. Within twenty-four hours of her order I had organized my top 29 sailors to accompany me, including my two most trusted mates, Siochana and Cogahd. We used the constellations to navigate East in hopes of finding new life. For over three weeks we sailed open seas, nothing came into view, we barely saw any life at all, save for a lone whale which had, most likely, been separated from its mother."

At this point, the famed Cat Sparrow took in a deep breath and had re-positioned his legs.

"Now, as I was saying, we had not seen any sign of life for three weeks. Upon the twenty-third day of our, so far, unseccesful voyage, we encountered a hurrican which was so mighty we could not steer away from her eye. We made the decision to bail from out ship taking the life boats. In the panic, Siochanam Cogahd, and I boared the same boat, and began drifting in a North-Eastern way. We soon lost trak of time, and as we began to dehydrate and become dizzy from a lack of food, we miraculously saw land. He quickly approaced an island with a beach on the northside. The beach was not very long, however the sand turned into thick forests after only a hundred meters or so. We, after some debate, decided to spend the night upon the besch and use what was left of our lost and ruined instuments to look out for our mates. Sadly, we never saw them again. The next morning, we began the terribly long journey through the forest. We had documented what we saw with drawings composed by Cogahd, who was a very proficient artist. Such discoveries, as you have probably studied, included species with long tails, furry bodies, and human like characteristics. For days, I believe it was nine, we travelled the forest in hopes of emerging. Upon out ninth day our with was granted. We emerged into a sparsley populated town with eight or nine buildings in total. The first thing we noticed, which was pointed out by Siochana, was that there were about a dozen Cats, quite like ourselves tied up to posts sleeping." At this, Shaorann showed a very hateful facial expression, and quickly got back to his story.

"We were unsure of why this was, and approached the resting cats. Through them, we learned that forty years prior to our expedition Gra had sent them away on the same mission. They recounted to use how their attack upon the Humans was not well-planned out. They had arrived in a fleet of 10 War Frigates and with a total crew of 600. They landed at Aimuari Island, which unbeknownst to them was an island is 6000 vicious inhabitants. After a week of attacking, they finally surrendered, having lost almost 150 of their own. After this, the Humans had begun to tame and breed the Cats to sell as pets. Soon, the population of Cats grew quite large and were transported to Palaces on neighbouring islands. The Cats grew more and more hateful towards the Humans for exploiting them in such a greedy way. Although, as the governors of the islands became richer and richer, they could not rebel sucesfully."
At this point in Shaorann's story, a young cub with jet back fur got up and reached for a glass of water. At this, Shaorann was grossly outraged. He gave a roar that shook the walls of the shack they had gathered in. This alone was enough persuasion for the cub to sit back down.

"After a week of gathering information," Continued Shaorann, "we had come up with a plan to rebel against the Humans of what the Cats called 'Ilha De Aguia'. At dawn the next day we began the assault. To great success, we had captured the town within one week. We then began to stock up the town?s war fleet with cannons and rum, to which we had grown fond of. We then set out, and for the next year and four months went island to island to liberate the rest of our enslaved kin. After we felt we had liberated what must have been 50 islands, we stocked out ships full of trasures, including: gold, silver, andcient artifacts and fancy clothing. We left who we deemed the strongest and most cunning Cat on each island to govern the islands and keep the Humans at bay. Exactly five weeks after we set sail home, we arrived at Eagla, our homeland. We reported to Gra the happenings of the past year and six months with great pride in out accomplishments. Upon hearing our news, she was overwhelminingly joyed."

And with that, Shaorann abruptly stood up and turned on the spot. He then walked right out of the Story-telling shack and up the road to his large home, which was beautifully furnished with the artifacts he had claimed from his conquerings. Sitting down on his black chair, upholstered with a soft velvety material he leaned back and fell asleep.

Word count is 1,030.
Tjjsalt (Hunter and Cobalt)
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