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Posted by Kalinox at Oct 16, 2011 6:05:32 PM
Re: LOTTERY! Win 500k! 250k! 100!
Ye know...I might have actually bought one.
Until I saw this.
For hosting it and using my own personnal time. Yes.

You'd think as the captain of the biggest crew on Hunter you'd be doing this raise money for the crew.

Whatever poe/dubs I have is put into the Flag's funds. So it comes back to the same thing.

So then if you want to go out and buy something, it comes from the flag's funds?

Yeh, but I have a couple of 100k's in there. And if it ever came to a point where I'd be at 0. I wouldn't be using the Flag funds. Doubt it would ever get to that point though. I never use someone else's poe. If that's your question.

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