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Posted by officerjimi at Oct 14, 2011 11:12:31 PM
Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread]
Pirate Name:Ceephas
Viridian Ocean
Cat Sparow's Rum Story
read aloud category, keep the bird unnamed
cat sparrow rum story audio link

Ok? so that portrait there is ehh?
its kind of a funny story.. he he?
Eh? where should I start?
Me and me cousins were rushing to beat Catbeard to the treasure on the Lost island of Curiosity? some fine booty? mmm?. That's all we care about in my crew? the rum.. the booty? the rum? ahh if u don't mind me saying, my friend Captain Morgan his distillery makes some of the finest rum? mmm?. Booty and rum... that's all that matters in Life? sooo we pretty much lost our ship at sea and we had nothing? not even a drop of grog? but that sorry boat there in that painting did get us to Land? I had to scout out the island so I got me lens out, and that's when this oddball pirate Mrteach walks out from the dense island forest and offers to make me a portrait. Hehe.. He whips it out smudges some paint and hands me this here portrait. Damn guy charged me extra for including my cousins in the portrait? I mean they're barely in there? any how the guy disappears as quickly as he showed up. I mean this guy was a mystic of some sorts? some wild pirates out there I tell ya.

Anyhow? we get that boat all secure and head into that thick jungle because we figured hell this is some strange island and for all we know it could be the Island Curiosity? even if it wasn't we were gonna get booty, treasure of curiosity or not. Now at this point we hadn't had a sip of rum for 2 days and we were going mad? we were seeing things? for all I know a monkey could have painted that picture. Delirious as we were we came upon this clearing and in the center was this fountain spewing some golden nectar of the gods. At first I thought, Nooo, could it be?? I mean the fountain of youth, could we have found it? I took a sip and this jolt of refreshing energy came upon me like a kraken to his prey. This was no fountain of youth, it was a fountain of rum! Me and me cousins swam in that pool of rum, we drank our hearts content? and stuff gets a bit fuzzy after that. All I know is I woke up the next morning in our ship that we had supposedly lost at sea with nothing more than this painting.

Oh and I heard that Catbeard made it to his island of curiosity and his treasure, but noone in his crew ever made it out alive. I mean what are the odds? Ehh? Ehh? That's why you don't go to a cursed island without thralls.

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