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Posted by Soar at Oct 10, 2011 7:01:11 PM
Re: QuarterMaster Ver 2.5 Development Discussion
1. Willing to help with both alpha and beta tests altho not subbed atm (im a programatic guy so will probs test every feature to try and make it go wrong)
2. Maybe sort out the help file/training courses?
3. Maybe make them thin border instead of resizable?
4. merge black and gold list into Player - layour like the crew black/gold list
5. integrate voyages into sunshine widget?
6. Put a booty count near the ocean/name at the top?
7. Maybe sort out the loading stats, refresh every battle (maybe add option to refresh every x minutes?)
8. Battle Counter - maybe add feature to add a ships name to it (for blockades)
9. Battle counter - know it may sound daft but maybe try catch ships getting shot/rammed/rammed into rock, get QM to look for them and maybe automate it?

1. Great! I'm finishing up Hearty Assist atm (which is taking more work than I thought), then after that I'll make a pass over the bugs and put together a new installation package so we can start beta tests. Hopefully it will be done for this weekend. I'll post the download to the OP.
2. No plans to add any new training courses, although I might update the officer training for the new content. This could actually be done by anyone who had the inclination, via the editor that opens off the training window. (hint hint :] ) The help files will need an update too and the instructions for using the config.txt need to be added.
3. Did you mean make the help files thin border? How come?
4. Hmmm, that's a really good idea. But instead of putting voyages in the sunshine widget, maybe something else to give me some space to fit the booty total. Voyages is really only used at the start of the pillage. I'll take a look at this after I get the first Beta file out.
5. See 4.
6. See 4. (You sunk my battleship!)
7. The loading restrictions actually have a purpose. OOO pays attention to who and how much apps scrape the Yoweb pages so I need to keep the access of those to a minimum.
8. Damage counter isn't a whole lot of use in sinking. It will always be wrong due to repair or regeneration. I find that even if I open it at the start I always end up just checking the ship stats on the main window and shooting till it glubs.
9. I would if I could, heheh. But even if I built a system to capture these events, it would be constantly confusing ships and applying incorrect damage. The only way it could work would be to tap into the game stream, which is of course a no-no.

I think the best idea would be to make the booty total display editable, like a text input box, so you could change it anytime.

Thanks mates!


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