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Posted by Captanharris at Oct 10, 2011 5:49:42 PM
Re: Reasons for not returning War Declarations?
Greatness has asked for a reason would be nice if he could get one from the flags it is directed at, all we have herd is opinions from other people about not accepting war declarations.

The opinion on a 300 member flag not accepting a war with a small flag because they dont run pillages that will most likely only hunt is legit. Problem is it doesnt work in this scenario considering p4p is a active flag that runs many voyages and atm is currently number 6 flag with eminent fame.

I have had new officers that love pvping and also ones that dont. Thing is its a part of the game and should not be winged about and just accepted. If your green officers want to learn how to battle nav then thats what the navy is for. If they want to learn some pvp skills take them to game gardens.

Also im going to say in my opinion pvping sea battles is nearly a totally different thing to blockade navigation.

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