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Posted by LunEnvoy at Oct 10, 2011 8:40:20 AM
Re: Reasons for not returning War Declarations?
Personally, wars are awesome.
Why sink greenies? Conversion. Splitting dead-end flags into little fragments. Survival of the fittest. Not endorsing greenie hunting, but jus sayin. There was a time when the 'lesser' flags occupied themselves with wars rather than poker and blockade payouts. You want to get good enough to blockade? Go grab yourself a few nice wars to keep you busy for a couple months.
Pvp hunters will join you. Disgruntled opponents will join you. Crews from shattered flags will proclaim your cause to be their own. Your people get better. They get closer. You eliminate flags that wont amount to much of anything. Gather potential talent from opponents into one functioning unit.
Instead of auto-officer, poker, VP tarting, and XOing your way into the blockade scene, you actually earn the right to blockade. Not as individuals and their minions, but as large cohesive groups.

Wars totally suck.
This was written on a phone in a university parking lot. Pardon the horrible structure/flow/understandability.

I'm still just the guard dog. I bite. They shoot.

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