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Posted by shadymermady at Oct 10, 2011 1:51:17 AM
Re: Reasons for not returning War Declarations?
Yes, I am criticizing P4P over the fact that they aren't retired and the fact that are returning to become active or they are doing the whole Rude situation again.
I will compare this situation to Vanguard. Vanguard did the right thing and retired the flag and did their business in another flag (BooB I believe). Why doesn't P4P do that? I mean really it isn't that hard to keep the legacy of P4P at rest

I actually do love P4P and if you were someone that mattered in our flag then your oppinion would have been welcomed. You are nothing to P4P and never have been.

As far as saying Oh Em Gee you should have retired the flag!!!@!! Firstly, i haven't been in the flag for as long as some people and i was not part of the "old P4P". The things P4P achieved way before my time were amazing and i would be the last person in the world to try and hurt thier reputation. Rudebwoi wasn't able to come back like he had planned ( what a loser! i mean god forbid some guy choosing RL over a game! Lets keep bringing that up forever so no one ever forgets that he said he was coming back but didn't!!!). I have been sitting on my butt for months in a dormant flag chillaxing and hanging with our members but not really wanting to change anything.

Recently, as a flag we have been watching what's been going on and wanted to join in on some of the shooting. I personally asked many of the still active "old P4P" members what thier thoughts were on trying to bring some life back into the flag. I also asked if they would prefer the flag stayed dormant and left to retire or if they were interested in rebuilding. I was quite ready to start a fresh flag so that any changes i made didnt reflect on what had already been achieved by all the "old greats" I was asked to instead of leaving and starting something new, to hang around and help start a new era of P4P.

I really enjoying playing this game at all levels and whether we win or lose we wont be pretending to be something that we are not. What we are though, is a group of people that enjoying spending all of our poe on Ships, CBs and jobbers.

Please don't come on here and try to tell me what i should have done with P4P. I have no expectations on returning P4P to its old glory days. P4P is rebuilding whether you like it or not and we will be back on the board cading your freinds.
Betty - Obsidian

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