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Posted by Captanharris at Oct 9, 2011 11:31:50 PM
Re: Reasons for not returning War Declarations?
Yes, I am criticizing P4P over the fact that they aren't retired and the fact that are returning to become active or they are doing the whole Rude situation again.
I will compare this situation to Vanguard. Vanguard did the right thing and retired the flag and did their business in another flag (BooB I believe). Why doesn't P4P do that? I mean really it isn't that hard to keep the legacy of P4P at rest

Actually your wrong long past Calais, Bigbertha as well as ochubb Tempestblitz, Greaper, Wend and Nemore ( i might be missing a couple royals) the flag had another successful era with Whiterose, Anubiss, Tyria, Kyriel and even Wokbok. Even then they didn?t move to BooB until later on for reasons that had nothing to do with the old Vanguard or wanting to do the ?right thing?. I?m not going to argue a defence for myself and you alts can troll us all you want but if the past royals are happy with what we are doing then that?s all that matters to us.

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