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Posted by M_Cobain at Oct 9, 2011 12:00:12 PM
Re: Reasons for not returning War Declarations?
This new P4P that was created by Shady is pratically a joke now. If they had respect for the former P4P that we all knew, they would retire the flag now and start a new one because now, some people on Viridian will remember the Joke P4P and not the original that was one of the biggest flags on Viridian.

It's funny how you get on Viridian Parley, call P4P a joke flag and act all Mr. Tuff guy. You're a failed troll from either Hunter or Sage, you got cyber bullied so hard you keep moving oceans. Get a grip, don't call a flag a joke when you're an even bigger joke.

Also, you're saying that because a flag has a history, it shouldn't be kept active even though the older players retired? Bullcannon. The old veterans are suposed to teach the newer players, that way there will always be a competitive atmosphere on the blockade board.

I won't even talk about your whining over your stuff with Legacy so go back to your whole where you stay there avoiding wars.

Yes, I am criticizing P4P over the fact that they aren't retired and the fact that are returning to become active or they are doing the whole Rude situation again.
I will compare this situation to Vanguard. Vanguard did the right thing and retired the flag and did their business in another flag (BooB I believe). Why doesn't P4P do that? I mean really it isn't that hard to keep the legacy of P4P at rest

I think it's mostly because the people who actually have a saying in this don't care if their old flag gets 'besmurched' by a total noob like Shady (amirite?!), and the people who do complain about it are the lowlifes shaking their fist at a fake sociaty on the forums all day.

They don't care, why should you care?

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