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Posted by the_rock99 at Oct 9, 2011 9:19:58 AM
Re: Reasons for not returning War Declarations?
mcfunky wrote:
Thought this would be obvious... a big flag inevitably has lots of inexperienced officers not interested in sinking pvps, so why should they return a war dec from some flag full of pvp hunters that will mostly just cruise around looking for easy sinks? War in this game is stupid, blockades are where it's at.

First of all. I find that excuse of having a flag full of inexperienced officers a load of nonsense. Mainly for the fact that if you're a captain of a crew and are going to join a flag that is prone to war declarations you should know better than to let your inexperienced officers be exposed to that. I've found that flags hide behind that excuse a lot. A big flag shouldn't be accepting crews that have captains that are just there because they're power hungry and just hand out officer positions for fun.

Also blockades only happen on weekends and not all blockades are sinking. (I'm not being ignorant of your point, I've looked over it a few times and that's just what I thought about it. Thanks for your input).

Then penduhl wrote:
This new P4P that was created by Shady is pratically a joke now. If they had respect for the former P4P that we all knew, they would retire the flag now and start a new one because now, some people on Viridian will remember the Joke P4P and not the original that was one of the biggest flags on Viridian.

Lets go off topic for a bit here. We're moving onto another phase in Pay for Play. All those people of your "old" Pay for Play have retired. If they have a problem with the way we run things now, they're more than welcome to come back and tell us and we will gladly give it back to them.

But hey, I understand why you're sour.. Weren't you kicked from our so called "joke" Pay for Play a couple of weeks ago? Its unhealthy to hold grudges.

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