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Posted by Sverdrup at Oct 9, 2011 8:15:33 AM
Re: Reasons for not returning War Declarations?
There is little point of a large, active, pillaging flag of perhaps 100 members with 20-30 battles/day to go to war with a smaller, largely inactive flag who rarely put ships out to sea. I am not saying that that is what you do, but I always look at pillaging activity and flag size prior to committing to war. I do NOT mind being hunted for PvP, but I want an equal opportunity of targets to hunt in return.

Not flaming anyone, just saying.

EDIT: Important NOT was mising. I love PvP.

EDIT-2: Oh, I now see that Pay for Play declared war in Legacy and Imperial Coalition. So all parties are target-rich, so to say. Hence your question perhaps needs to focus on those flags.
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