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Posted by hirsty at Oct 9, 2011 5:57:00 AM
Re: QuarterMaster Ver 2.5 Development Discussion
1. Willing to help with both alpha and beta tests altho not subbed atm (im a programatic guy so will probs test every feature to try and make it go wrong)
2. Maybe sort out the help file/training courses?
3. Maybe make them thin border instead of resizable?
4. merge black and gold list into Player - layour like the crew black/gold list
5. integrate voyages into sunshine widget?
6. Put a booty count near the ocean/name at the top?
7. Maybe sort out the loading stats, refresh every battle (maybe add option to refresh every x minutes?)
8. Battle Counter - maybe add feature to add a ships name to it (for blockades)
9. Battle counter - know it may sound daft but maybe try catch ships getting shot/rammed/rammed into rock, get QM to look for them and maybe automate it?

Wild ideas i know...sorry :D
Hirsty on Cobalt Ocean

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