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Posted by Afterburner7 at Sep 28, 2011 4:08:13 PM
R.I.P. Swordfighting
Basically anyone who has sword fought today is aware of the change. A new color has been added into the mix and it has subsequently ruined the cherished game many of us once loved. Without any swords sending this new color, it has added an entirely new luck factor into the game. Yes, I am aware that this new sword fighting change has been used for a while with atlantean shenanigans, this makes sense, and it added excitement to the game (mostly because a lot of pirates who pillage are not generally too concerned with advanced and/or high level sword fighting). This patch will do even more harm than the infamous Dadao before that was fixed. The patch states this change is to prevent hacking. I do not understand in any way, shape, or form how this will prevent cheating. The only explanation I can surmise is that there are hacks that are beyond the limit of the games security. That is, Puzzle Pirates does not have a strong enough anti-hack to recognize certain cheating methods. If this is the case, adding a new color to the game is no way to go about fixing it. Think about how upset players would be if they were carping and all of the sudden a piece appears that is a random shape. Now obviously this piece would not
[][][][]      <----(lazy attempt at a carpentry piece)
go along with the standard guidelines of carpentry. The point is that it would throw even the best carpenters off. Similarly, these new colors completely ruin everything skillful about sword fighting. The basics are the same, but the advance techniques are totally gone.

I'm done tarting about this. Good sword fighters (even average level sword fighters) completely understand how terrible this new change is. Beginners it probably won't effect. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Steam update. Perhaps OOO is anticipating a lot of new players and so they want to update the game now, however I still have no idea how this prevents hacking.

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