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Posted by Artof_Murder at Sep 24, 2011 4:30:32 AM
Re: Viking raids ? gunnery strategy
I'd love to follow your suggestion of testing this myself, but I've been here only a month. I don't know how to do a solo VR and I'd presumably need a ship.

My understanding is that OOO doesn't release detailed game information. The players are left to reverse-engineer various features. How confident are you of this conclusion about VR gunning? Has someone tested it, or is it just a general impression among experience players?

From experience soloing VRs, as well as an unreasonably long track record of doing these expeditions.

I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt from my own testing that...
You spend 5 minutes gunning for a VR regardless of raid size.
Your gun fires on the Longship the moment the cannon reads "Loaded!"
Small VRs can be soloed easily given you have a ship and gun at a renowned/GM level.

I'm not sure of the consensus of other players, but from my own vast experience I've found the above statements to be true.
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