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Posted by Gascony at Sep 22, 2011 8:51:31 PM
Viking raids – gunnery strategy
Experienced players have told me different things about VR gunning. One said never to abandon a board in a VR. Another said never to abandon a board without loading all four guns, because if you abandon early, none of the guns will fire.

According to a post by Beserker36 in this thread, “The cannons in Viking Raids fire the second you load them. That is, a cannonball flies from the village island to the longships. However, the in-puzzle cannons don't ‘fire’ (change from loaded to dirty) until all 4 are loaded on the screen.” On that view, if you get a board with an easy two-gun loop, you should load those two guns and then abandon, to see what the next board offers.

A related issue is how good a board has to be for you to play it. Because the VR is so short, you could lose a significant percentage of your time if you’re too picky and you refuse to play mediocre boards.

Any advice about gunning in VR’s would be welcomed.

If there’s disagreement about whether cannons fire when fewer than four are loaded, we could try a VR in which none of the pirates ever loads the fourth cannon. If the Vikings take some damage, then Beserker36 is right.

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