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Posted by evarestem at Sep 16, 2011 8:13:17 AM
Big Booty Sinking!
Illusion invites you all to come to Pukru and try to sink us for some poe hauling!! We will have a merchant brig with 500k in its booty, four sloops protecting it with 50k booty. The sloops protecting the merchant brig will be firing on enemy vessels, watch out!

Also, the top three flags with the most points during this round will receive extra poe!

1st- 100,000 poe
2nd- 75,000
3rd- 50,000


Flags are only allowed to enter sloops for this event cade, we will be keeping an eye!
We will need a few mins to set up the MB and four sloops
protecting it! So please restrain yourselves from entering till we are ready!
There is a paycap of 500 poe per a seg which should not be broken!

The event cade is set on Saturday 1st of October at 12pm game time

How to enter:

To enter just be there for the cade with a sloop ready! No need to sign up or meet any requirments!

If you have anymore questions feel free to pm me or post!

Hope to see you all there :D
Imrans of Hunter

Viktorius flag royalty chats, "well, thats pretty deep for 1st time"

Jackpot says, "i swear sometimes i think they should advertise this as a dork dating site"

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