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Posted by Geaton at Sep 13, 2011 3:41:33 PM
Hide and Seek is coming back to Cobalt!
Last week was fun, minus an arm injury cutting my time short ( sorry for those expecting more rounds), But LET'S MAKE THIS WEEK EVEN BETTER! You can help by donating PoE or other prizes to make things better (I do not make a profit off this event). Or I WILL PAY YOU to be a judge or seeker or to host a round! send me an in game tell or leave a post here if you want to help!

For those of you who didn't have a chance to come last week, here is what we are talking about:

What: Your average YPP Hide and Seek Game.

Where: Lima Island (Cobalt) (Home base TBA)

When: Saturday, September 17th! Sign-up starts at 6:30PM game time and round 1 starts at 7PM. there will be 2-3 rounds with 30 minutes between each.

Who: ANYONE! it's free so come play!

Rules: (simple)
-Hiders must stay on lima Island
-Hiders may not move spots
-Hiders may hide inside buildings at their own risks (the use of "/w" is allowed)
-When found, Hiders are free to "help" the seeker or return to home base

1st: A sloop and 10k
2nd: choice of furniture and 5k
3rd: choice of furniture and 3k
4th: choice of furniture and 1k
5th: choice of Trinket or some spare PoE (Whatever is on me)

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