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Posted by Blacktoad3 at Sep 12, 2011 4:08:56 AM
Re: Event Freaks Please read and comment..1rst time writer
would echo the advice given above that if this is your first time running an in-game event, you keep it very simple. Even for experienced events runners, in-game events have complexity and complications that really benefit from small-scale tests and trial runs! Even if you keep hold of an ambitious event like this for the future, start with something more manageable so that you get a feel for handling both the event and the participants effectively. :)

thanks for the my first time running an event...just first time writting one...and the whole idea was ...sloop races have been done in every form...should know ive competed in about 10 and have won 3 first places in those over the years....also have support of 2 of the biggest NON newbs in the game>

Ya know Appalo you sound just like those HOTSHOTS standing in the wonder colbalt is dying...with discoraging attitudes like that.
The whole reason of this post is to work out the kinks. Also to get advise of how to properly write and run a event so it does go smothly...

tell ya mate i did 16yrs in the army ..retired as a E-6....the logestics of operatin a event is weak compared to the tasks that would be laid in front of me on a daily routine....God i HATE people who say you cant do something instead of trying to offer a suggestion....

yes iknow its big DUH! thats the idea...HELP COLBALT! I realy dont care if i just pissed you off either please stay out of my forums post...Ill find another OM who maybe has ideas that may help me arrange this daunting task. Did yer mommy tell you NO alot...mine sure didnt.
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