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Posted by Bunnylaroo at Sep 9, 2011 10:03:15 AM
Re: Shawe's "FIGHT CLUB" Avatar Shoppe
I can never resist a sale :)


PIRATE : Bunnylaroo, Sage. I would like the avatar name to be Laroo.

CLOTHING : Portrait link in signature, but instead of the muffin hat, could I possibly be wearing a green Berserker pelt?
WEAPON : Leather gloves, green and white (like in link)
STANCE : Aggressive stance, maybe doing an uppercut?

FAMILIAR (FREE) : I don't have a familiar :( But I have a cat (also in portrait), it would be awesome if you could include it doing the whole arch-backed angry cat thing...If not, I totally understand.

(RUMBLE) BALL COLOR : Bruised, unless you can do a random mix of colors.

HIT INDICATORS : yes please.

Can't wait to see it :)
Bunnylaroo of Sage Emerald

Avatar by Pennywhistle

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