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Posted by Blacktoad3 at Sep 6, 2011 8:44:03 PM
Re: Event Freaks Please read and comment..1rst time writer
"Epic Sloop Battle Race" (THIS IS A EDITED VERSION)

Ahoy! Come enjoy 7 Adventures on the 7 seas!
To win this race you will need to

a) Buy (max10) Stone from Palace, protect and resell 1
b) Enter a non-sink Blockade and sit for 3 points
c) 1 Brigade King Compass (or from the old method..must win)
d) 1 forage round (each player aboard each ship)
e) 1 Green Ship Pilly (any size/win or lose)
f) 1 Imperial Outpost (any size/sink if you dare)
g) 1 Viking Expedition (any size)
What do I win? Besides (hopefully) a very awesome pilly run.

The fastest time wins...
a) 1 Alantian Grand Frigate Design (Fresh, build yeself)
b) 7 Random Black Boxes (2nd Edition)
c) 1 Jeweled Star Pin and 6 1rst ribbons (all inscribed)
d) 10K

2nd Place.. 1 Jeweled Cross Pin, 1 Black Box ..5K
3rd Place .. 1 Jeweled North Star Pin, 1 black box ...3K

Fastest or slowest, the 1 ship with most earnings at docking,will double the holdings up to 50K.
Did ya sit and win the block? 1 Rouge mark for each Island
How do I enter? Please send a post here with your name. ships name and island you plan to start at.
Each name is a single entry..not crew or flag.
You must be the deed holder and B-naver for entire trip.
How to race>>>>As soon as Block Jobbing is allowed..
a) each team will purchase (max 10) Stone from chosen Palace.(send tell to dock judge for a hold inspection)
b) Offer Job in Blockade and wait..Race starts when the Blockade does)
c) Enter Blockade and Obtain 3 points (sit for 1 DR) This is the only chance you get to mess up yer mate, shoot him) (DJ) will send tell that your ship is clear. If you get shot out of the Blockade, you may continue with a 1 miniute penalty.
d) from this point on you may finish the tasks in any order ( c-g )
e) Return to your START Island (DONT PORT!!!) Send Job Invite to (DJ). Time stops as (DJ) boards your ship and announces time.
f) trade deed to (DJ) we need to inspect your ..Expeditions, Hold, vessel records, and each BK trinket. Do you have your stone?

More to come on this edit getting sleepy please dont post to this
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