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Posted by Blacktoad3 at Sep 4, 2011 6:02:23 AM
Re: Event Freaks Please read and comment..1rst time writer
cheats" like buying all the the gems as soon as they appear (with an alt that can not be identified) or getting hearties to PVP other competitors can not be policed.

we are talking Palace Stone....after a deep sleep i have thought on this...
Colbalt as we know since the Giant BOT BAN, has a dying population. dont know about your ocean but we got rid of most all of those type.We all know each other over here...yes im sure theres a few.
the propsed guveners are not newbs ....the mates who have the desire or ability to perform this most likly is one of thier friends already...and due to small population probly will already be on the PVP boat to insure it always wins with skilled players.

So ill solve the whole thing....
PVP Captains will store prebought stone on each ship...and start times (staggered not gun shot) will be from the transfer time

the last 2 events that requiered stone purchasce did not have this problem

again small population backslash who says whos on what ship and we are running in set LP zones so actuall a dock judge sitting out at a LP on a dead ship viewing Know world on magnifiy can polices when a non registerd ship enters the lane..and whose driving/owns

Players will not be allowed change from Non attack Mode to PVP mode until such time as they Have completed all other a ship will only be in the lane 1 or 2 LPS...( all boats names registered)
and by that time more then likly they will be hooked up already to the PVP ship. other ships will have to wait in line ( said first come first serve) and wont be allowed to change attack mode till theve been told that its thier turn (hence only 2 ships at a time in the zone should be in pvp mode...even i can see a cheat coming then)

getting hearties to PVP other competitors can not be policed.
actuall after reading my PVP rules this is not a problem
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