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Posted by Blacktoad3 at Sep 3, 2011 10:18:50 AM
Re: Event Freaks Please read and comment..1rst time writer
sircarl thank you,
first how do i paste yer speak in my reply?

Pfft a sloop race..been done to easy and past few have almost been ignored.

? the TH and pillage diffrance, the fruit then is also the same? But I guess a reverse Tell would work..(at least they took time to port an island and enter the puzzle)

The Bk ...yer very right..Hmm But odds each entry has a special team that went out earlier and all obtained same trophy? most will probly job the docks?

the "prior to docking" will show the IO and viking completion. and any Bk attempts (by Compass) I belive?

Aww Lol Palace stone, I hope the goveners could help in the alt hording of the stone...Hmm a limited of 10 a ship?

Again much thanks I need this, as I know this could be a giant hit or a massive flop all on timing and the right forum.
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