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Posted by Blacktoad3 at Sep 3, 2011 8:06:47 AM
Re: Event Freaks Please read and comment..1rst time writer
So... Q&A?

The Object of this event is to get mates involved in more pillys, all aspects of the adventures, green player support, poe flow on the ocean. Also to help raise yer over all crew fame. Its designed for all level of Bnavers (i suck and can do all of this) Didnt know PP was going to have a similar Seal event for Sept.

Have Chatted to CybrPyro & Darlie both love the idea... would like them to be the PVP opponants. This is alot to ask of them to risk thier own crew fame and stats. This is not to pit Cybr and Darlie aginst each other but to pit a few of the best aginst you. Open to volenteer Captains for PVPs.

Dates and times still to be decided as im not very good with forums, blocks, holiday events but would like to try for ( oct 5th to 20th) or (nov 5th to 15th) of 2011. single day event ..judges work for 5hrs and PVPs work for 3.5 hrs

im hoping for 10 teams, including the PVP ships and judges this will involve around 100 players


i was told probly not but i have not asked Cleaver...would be great if Dead Ringers performed the PvP's. Would be great if the ribbons that i listed in the event came from the gods vrs one i bought from the palace. and most important is if the map rooms get sold out can the OMs juggle the room so certain easy adventures are availiable during event (Kirin, Prolix, Tiger and Fintan)

Have writters block atm.. please post to this so i may edit your ideas into the rough draft
sorry bout my awesome spelling

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