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Posted by Blacktoad3 at Sep 3, 2011 7:36:29 AM
Event Freaks Please read and comment..1rst time writer
"Epic Sloop Battle Race"

Come enjoy 7 Adventures on The 7 seas!
To win this race you will need to perform the following tasks,

a) 1 Viking Expedition (any size or style)
b) 1 Imperial Outpost (any size or sink/non-sink)
c) 1 Brigade King Compass (or from the old method..must win)
d) 1 forage round (each player aboard each ship)
e) 1 Green Ship Pilly (any size/win or lose)
f) 1 PvP Battle (win or lose)
g) Buy, Protect & Sell 1 Pet Rock
What do I win?

Besides (hopefully) a very awesome pilly run, the fastest time wins...
a) 1 Alantian Grand Frigate Design (Fresh, build yeself)
b) 7 Random Black Boxes (2nd Edition)
c) 1 1rst place ribbon & 6 seasonal trinkets (all inscribed)
d) 10K

2nd Place.. 1 Inscribed 2nd ribbon, 1 Black Box ..5K
3rd Place .. 1 Inscribed 3rd ribbon, 1 black box ...3K

Bonuses: 10K to all ships that took the time to either do a shipwreck haul or a buired treasure.
Fastest or slowest, the 1 ship with most earnings at docking,will double the holdings up to 50K.
5K to all ships who have a Green Player aboard entire trip
10K to any crew that moves their fame 3 spots or more up
How to race?

Starting at either (COLBALT!) TigerLeaf or Kirin island,
each ship will purchase 1 (or more) pet rock...
will then perform the 6 other tasks, saving the Pvp as the last...
finaly returning to start dock and selling at least 1 pet rock.
Judging: Besides the designated PVP Captains there will be 2 dock judges (BadSanta and Hirsty)
All ships PRIOR to PORTING will invite and trade deed to a dock judge to verify vessel records, expedition complition, holdings ect.(first tell first serve)
Pilly battle can be confirmed by a reverse tell (captain sends a dock judge tell when in battle. Pvp By the designated Captains.
Captain must show a new ransomed Bk trinket (shows date)
all ship holds need inspected prior to yer can have no stocks besides rock balls and rum, dock judge, 1rts tell/1rst serve
timing is from your purchase and selling of rock at palace records
Hirsty will keep a running spread sheet to keep track during the event.
Rules Besides any statements above...

(Crew) may be Solo or 7, Bnaver must be the deed Holder for entire event.
(Charts & Maps) Charts are on you, Adventure maps may be purchased at any island up to 2 days prior to event.
(Forage) any island ya want
(Holdings) a sloop is small, a captain may have to dump some stock overboard to keep thier best prizes.
(Rock) if you lose it. must start over from begining, new start time. buy alot?
(IO) bumping out or full damage you must return and sink them, no time penalty.
(BK) out ran or faiedl to win trophie, must purchase new compass until this is achieved.
(Bonus Attolls) May be used from a black box or gained from yer pilly.
(Bonus Greens) Petitions can be made to make sure they are a new account and not from a similer Ip of a known player (no alts allowed)

1) All ships will run under non player attack mode until such time as they will engage the PVP.
2) PvPs will only be against a designated ship. Attacking any other ship will cause disqualification.
3) Sending out a heart to mess up the other Players will cause disqualification and some very nasty rumors at the DN bar.
4) Finish lanes will be>>>Hamerton to KIrin or Fintan to TigerLeaf, so we can control interferance
5) PvP Captains may be in a sloop, dohw or cutter and choice of prizes that can be won from their holds.
6) Pvp Captains will launch 1.5 hrs after event starts and will stay in their respected lanes for 3 hrs
7) 1rst come 1rst serve..if you have to wait at a LP and suck bilge sorry, dock judges will keep bnavers informed of any tye ups.
8) Pvp Captains may call a "Moment Time Out" they will be allowed to get damage and bilge less then 50% ,& sails up to 50% prior to next battle..Fatige and LPR is not a factor fer time outs.
9) send tell announcing when ready to perform PVP.( so we can control non event hook ups) yes you can do prior tasks in the finish lanes.
(edit) If you have to wait..for the next will be told when you may turn on PVP mode for your ships turn.(see#7 to be rewritten in final)
Long Live Colbalt, Prince BadSanta
"Yo, Ho! Ho! Ho!

Prince BadSanta Born on Cobalt

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