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Posted by Ice_devil at Sep 1, 2011 1:48:22 PM
Re: What the Y!PP Community Needs
I just thought I'd tag this out of my original post (with a sneaky edit) made in False_Dmitri's Thread "dear everyone" for more people to notice.


I think I've mentioned this a few times before in the past (somewhere), but I think that the advertising for Y!PP doesn't really reflect the game that much. To be frank, it makes it look like a Piratey Children's Creche, which given the age rating, is not the desired effect. Perhaps something a little less childish might attract more people, and hey, it might even help revive the game.

There's gotta be an aspect of this game in the adverts that make it intriguing, rather than the average gamer seeing it, and dismissing it within a space of time quick enough to have written "kthxbai". As nice and "cult" as the adverts are, I think they need to be changed in order to promote the more real aspects of the game. I don't think I've seen even one Y!PP advert which even hints at the ubermassive "wargasm" that can be a blockade.

Hats off to OOO though, at least they haven't gone for an extreme. Thankfully, they haven't stooped so low to the same rank as Evony, LLC who were so desperate for players (I assume?), that they started incorporating adverts such as the one below (this may or may not be removed due to it's nature). If I (and probably a number of people) start to see OOO using scantily clad women to advertise Y!PP, then I may be quitting sooner than I'd hoped...

And on that note, I'm sure that the advertising problem will be sorted out eventually*!


For a long time, I've been seeing messages on the forums about people wanting to be able to have proper communication with the OMs, but TBH, they've probably got a seriously busy schedule on right now, although they could've been clearer as to what, when and why they're releasing stuff (take the LTD Colours, for example). I don't believe communication is as bad as people have been saying it is. Heck, if I make a petition, I always get the answer I want, with only about 10-15 minutes of waiting. However, I also believe that because of certain "constraints", the OMs aren't really allowed to let out info on some things, which is why I think they've just been linking people to the same thing, because they might not be allowed to release any more info.

However, one thing that's been crossing my mind recently, is the question "Why does SK have a suggestion thread on their forums, and we don't?". Sure, as I'm sure Faulkston will be more than happy to point out to us, there's that "supposed" suggestion thread, but in the end, all that happens there is that Pirates with ideas get their ideas thougroughly beaten to pieces with a series of forum links that ol' Faulksty seems to magic up out of thin air**. I know it's true, I've tried it myself.

Also, I think that if you aren't going to release something, why bother mentioning it? Sure, (for example) you might excite people with the thought of a new population boosting everyone-can-do wonderpuzzle, but in the end if you don't release it, then why get people hyped up. Of course, I refer to the Auric Isles. I expect this "Key of E" kaboose is probably some very perplexing and round-about way of doing the same thing as aforementioned (if not exactly the same topic =O).


I expect there'll be at least 5 people who are going to Tl;Dr this thread in their heads, and at least 1 who'll have the balls to post it. TBH, the community is also partly to blame for the more recent loss of players, especially the pessemistic ones. Honestly, do you really believe by complaining, anything's really going to change, if not get worse/better? Why Whine when you could be using the time you spent whining constructivley, by coming up with alternative solutions to save the game.

I swear every time I log onto the Piratey Parley and Politics SubForum, I see bombardments of "simple thread is simple" and MOAN MOAN MOAN OMs MOAN MOAN MOAN MOAN Communication MOAN MOAN MOAN MOAN MOAN Dub Prices MOAN MOA.....etc. The Hell? What do you hope to achieve with this? Perhaps maybe you might be convincing someone to be moaning with you. Pessimism only breeds more pessimism, and some of the attitudes that people have towards eachother now has been enough to make People who left the game for those reasons precicely to quit all over again!


Following on from my last point, and bearing in mind what False_Dmitri wrote, I have come to a perfectly logical conclusion. STOP BEING STAT WHORES. I mean people are perfectly in their rights to (for example) job people at a really high standard because it's more efficient for them, but I've often found that actually there isn't a whole load of difference between jobbing Master+, Ren+ and GM+. It's just a title, and if you want to encourage people to stay here, we need to get rid of this somewhat "unfair" system. Of course the people who like to run uber-leetly stuff are going to complain, but they're right to. It just won't be very beneficial for everyone.

....And Thus my blather has ended.

*It better get better!
**He probably hides them in other places as well =O

tl;dr ammirite??

PS: The advertising method that Evony uses is great. It's a game where you build cities and scupper and attack people with archers. Pretty boring but Ive played it in the past and once I got over 9000 catapults. They got 20 million players in the first 2 months after they started that ad campaign. They have something like 155 1.0 servers and 35 2.0 servers (noone likes the 2.0 severs, makes you pay way more money and way more boring, so they've been releasing mainly 1.0 servers). The newest ones usually have around 65000 players and the older ones around 15,000 players..
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