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Posted by Shawe at Aug 24, 2011 4:54:21 PM
Shawe's "FIGHT CLUB!" Avatar Shoppe
I do Rumble, Swordfight, and Drinking avatars. Each piece is "FIGHT CLUB" themed.

Each order is 10 dubloon - payments in dubloon only, no poe please. Payment will be collected on the Viridian Ocean on delivery of the avatar. If you like my work and you're using it, please mention my Fight Club avatars in your signature.

The following are samples of finished orders - you can view my entire gallery HERE.





Please copy & paste my order form and fill it out. These avatars are 150x150 Pixel .PNG images (no animation).

  • AVATAR : Rumble or Swordfight or Drinking?
  • PIRATE : Name and Ocean? If you have any special requests please put them here.
  • CLOTHING : Link to the portrait of the clothing you want? These are generally waist up (like a portrait).
  • WEAPON : What weapon do you want to be using, including color? If drinking pick a mug and a color.
  • STANCE : Aggressive or defensive stance?
  • FAMILIAR : If you want a familiar please list the type and color.
  • (RUMBLE) BALL COLOR : Choices are Red, Blue, Aqua, Yellow, Orange, or Bruised.
  • (SWORDFIGHT) BRICK COLOR : Choices are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Aqua, Purple, or Sprinkles.
  • (DRINKING) TABLE COLOR : Choices are Light, Medium, and Dark. Also, hooks, fries, or kegs in the corners.

Shawe - Greed is good.
"FIGHT CLUB!" Avatars by Shawe.

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