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Posted by Aenor at Aug 23, 2011 3:31:39 PM
Incredible Trophy Bakeoff
I just got an idea for a contest, then it occurred to me that there's a good chance someone had already come up with it before, and even if not I thought about throwing it out here for a few questions I have:

The concept: A race to see who can obtain all of the Incredible trophies starting from a fresh alt.

Questions: To include all the incred trophies or not? Two of them (DNav and Gunning) require a badge to be purchased, and I'd prefer an event that was free to enter. Also, a third (TH) can only be done in limited cases, not always under a pirate's control.

Also, what level of prize do you you think would be appropriate for such an event? Obviously only an OM would decide if it was familiar-worthy, but if it isn't, what's the smallest prize you would think would be large enough to encourage many of the elite puzzlers to go out of their way to enter? I've got enough spare cash that I could purchase a tan familiar for a prize even if I get no official OM support.
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