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Posted by Aopox at Aug 14, 2011 4:37:46 AM
Re: Bounty on Saints Of Glory
Yajamie i dont take your offer cause i know you dont have any crap, why should i do things i dont like? I can do it my own way right? why should everything go your way? Your logging on alts and send me rude tells daily rofl, Thats what i call immature. You didnt see me even respond on this nuby forum till you had me on that level.

The reason i dont pvp you is this

1. You dont got barnacle to give.
2. You cannot win. Thats how simple it is.
3. I just dont do what you want, your no match.


Now convict,

Dude why you try to act like your the grown up. Many people know how the real convict works. Let people work their butts of for him and then when he feels like it he trows them aside, Iff you dont get what you want you paywar someone with 15K or something like that. Dude make it worth peoples time. Than after all that trouble let me explain 1 more thing.

You bring trouble onto yourself but you need help from others , i dont even say names you all know it yourself. We are not like that. We make our own decision and iff you dont like it ? Sorry, but you cant just tell people what to do and iff they dont listen you war them.

So whos the adult here?

Dont try to mix up stories to get the people behind you, we all know how bad you are. And i mean bad as in a relationship with someone with your so called friendship.

Such a joker


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