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Posted by Aopox at Aug 14, 2011 3:31:28 AM
Re: Bounty on Saints Of Glory
You shouldn't even respond rofl you backstabber. You got no dignity or respect. So you and yajamie are like the only one who are suppposed to follow as sheeps and dont talk on the way to the ...? Wtf am i saying your not gonna reach anything MUWAHHAHAHAAH

Lets face what fairbella is worth? um nothing? convict backs up up in that flag and thats about the most you reached. and i could continue with allot more people up there but again we ARE NOT as weak as you guys.

Anyway thx for the COOL REACTION nobody.


Oh btw, Yajamie dont keep talking like your the man, you can pvp anyone in our crew. you couldnt even beat the bnaver who like just started bnaving. ROFL your the greatest joker of all. No fame at all but you think you got it. Hmm try your best in the game you might reach something more than nothing.

Poor pirates 4-life!!!!!

And 1 last thing, Please iff your picking on another flag dont do it with 15/50K dude it sounds cheap. so Convict do something about your leadership before i cant stop laughing anymore.


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