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Posted by Aopox at Aug 13, 2011 5:09:24 AM
Re: Bounty on Saints Of Glory
HEHE so its time for us to hit back, goood.

Convict You've been such a great friend. You made plans and while you did that you tried to tell ALL people what to do, backstabbed friends lj Laney,ljgmf You know why.

And many other reasons why im sick of your crapp. You only need people for poe and for help cause your a nobody on your own.
But ok lets go.

ILL GIVE ANYONE who blackade TFF when they got islands 1Miljoen poe for winning it. Iff you had TO pay a big amount of cash i will make up for it in paying more. Lets try to lame and send the ocean for you convict, Iff you are a bad player dont try to buy your tricks.

Happy dear dying,

loves Aopox

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