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Posted by fishn_rox at Aug 13, 2011 1:56:58 AM
Re: Bounty on Saints Of Glory
Awesome, since Lj always re-engages if she loses a battle I can do 2 Pvp's against her in a row! That means a hefty 30k profit for us, her crewbies!

Just because you failed to pvp her, doesn't mean you have to bounty her immediately.

If you're trying to losen our crew loyalty you are utterly failing, this only shows we've made the right decision.

It is pretty petty and pathetic. God help us the day we can't leave an alliance.
Cheers, Plano.

Ye told Hera, "Since you have such GREAT taste... do you think you could fix our beloved Lima Inn? :P"
Hera tells ye, "I'm not brave enough for that!"

Apollo tells ye, "Can I be your butler?"

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