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Posted by warp11 at Aug 11, 2011 2:56:28 PM
Re: Legacy's intent to scare Razor's Edge into scuttling Spectre
This is such basic knowledge. I was told why I couldn't do what Q did and I will tell you what Pat told me.

When you're supporting someone, you're supposed to give them as much support as you possibly can. Even though they don't want you to nav for them, you gotta come and help them as a jobber. You can't support someone if you're naving for the other side.

Do not bring me this "They were short on navers" shit because let's be honest here, I could care fuck less about what they have on their list as long as it's not the guy I got out of bed at 6am for so I could support them. This is the kind of basic knowledge that is obviusly deprived the people that decided to try to walk the walk on their own.

But please, try to pretend like he naved for them to make it even and fair. I'm sure at least Drakodling will buy your shit.

Edit: Lune, I wouldn't touch a flag that's doing what Legacy is politically with 10 inch plyers if it was up to me. Anyone that has the attitude of "I'ma fuck you over because it's fun for me" is someone to steer clear of. I'm sorry but if you're so starved on navspots that you'd take one against your allies (YEAH I KNOW YOU'RE NOT OFFICIAL ALLIES SO IT DOESN'T COUNT YOU SENT THE INVITE AND THEY DECLINED IT LOLOLOLOL) then maybe I shouldn't be the one associated with high horses and descends. Maybe it should be you.
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