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Posted by Ezder at Aug 11, 2011 9:43:58 AM
Re: Legacy's intent to scare Razor's Edge into scuttling Spectre
Spectre XXIV, June 27 2010: Baby Legacy drops on an undefended island, trying to snipe our first precious pixels. Yes, we did. Boo Our Other Booched dropped last minute to spice up the flagsit, but didn't have the organisation needed to win that day. 3-0 for Legacy.

Just to clear a few things up with this one, I dropped late, probably 30 mins before going live or so i'd say, and was unable to catch up on jobbers, and when I asked if they would let me, I was told no, as they wanted a flag sit as it was a good day outside. So we tried to spice up said cade but was shut down.

Havn't been around for most of the other cades so can't comment on them.

Yes, dear Vs, that is true.

And to the forum alt and anyone else who doesn't like me writing novels about Legacy, please stop reading here.

Vs and others, let me remind you of this:

This was Legacy's first blockade, about three months after a royal of Boo our Other Booched told us that we would never be allowed to hold an island. It was a multidrop (the drop by Insanely Uncooperative on the same island was simply a panic reaction by our JC, and something that we had to work around) against a flag that didn't seem to be too much above our level, and seemed like a good first target at the time, win or lose.

But instead of Chocolate Coated defending, Boo Our Other Booched, who were friendly with Chocolate Coated, dropped, and Chocolate Coated returned their wardec, making the blockade sinking. We were far from prepared to fight a flag like Boob in a sinking blockade and after making some greenie mistakes (like, entering a WF with medium cannonballs and discovering it too late, forcing the frig to walk all over the board or get sunk), Legacy pulled out.

The following weekend, Insanely Uncooperative stated that they would not defend Spectre. At that point, we had politely asked pretty much all the islandholding flags (well, those with outposts anyway) for a non-sinking blockade, and been told no. When we saw the chance to snipe an island where we would set the terms and be able to get a non-sinking defense blockade at least, we took it, and we didn't mind messing around and PvPing eachother in a flagsit. (Keep in mind that we were still a very new flag with very limited funds, very limited fleet and no previous governing experience.) Instead, Boo Our Other Booched dropped last minute, which could normally have been really nice, but... Remembering the week before, and seing Luxory (monarch of the defending flag, and quite capable of making the blockade sinking by accepting Boob's war dec) in Boob's (very limited) blockade staff, we were not interested in letting them catch up in jobbing. We were not interested in a potentially sinking blockade against the flag that had told us that we would never be allowed to hold islands, and with no guarantee whatsoever that they would return the favour if we let them catch up, and they later ended up outjobbing.

Vs, I'm not saying that you did anything wrong at any point, nor am I upset about the way that Legacy was greeted when we first entered the blockade scene, at least not any more, it helped us become the flag we are now. But at the same time, from a new flag's point of view and given the previous week, it shouldn't be too hard to understand that we didn't want even jobbing with the last minute 3P drop under those circumstances.

End of history lesson.

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Qvintvs flag royalty chats, "I won't play for that much longer and when I quit, my pirate's dead body will be sent out at sea on a burning ship and let's face it, you will be on that ship as well.

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