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Posted by Hurtboss4 at Aug 11, 2011 9:27:34 AM
Re: Best places to shop
I only buy Sloops via Shipyards, so that's why I pointed Lima. I think noone, or barely anyone except Flags, buy anything bigger than a WB via SY; so yeah, Lima for me.

I've always found Kirin to be the most cost efficient, since I pretty much buy every single Bludgeon when I go shopping for them.

I only tend to see Lima when a new sword comes out - which has only happened with the Katana / Dadao yet. Most of the times, I go to DN by default, as I have for the past 5 years, and see reasonable prices with immediate delivery. If there's a difference between Lima and DN, it's not anything absurd.

Terra would be best for 'Fancy' clothing, Lima for most 'Basic' lines - And yeah, the prices on Lima are extremely unstable.

Even though I didn't say anything about Furni, I've always went to Lima, so meh.
And, scene.
*lights out*

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