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Posted by warp11 at Aug 11, 2011 5:11:14 AM
Re: Legacy's intent to scare Razor's Edge into scuttling Spectre
Whatup Vs, how many of those cades do you think have a similar story that wasn't disclosed in Avi's post? This is elementary my dear Watson, what we have here is a bunch of people blockading to have something to be proud of. There's nothing wrong with people trying to blockade to feel good about themselves, however ít becomes shifty when they focus on the wrong things.

Let's be honest here forums, how many times have we seen an intent post from Legacy with brilliant artwork from Narci, Qvintus going "HUHUHUHUHU FEAR ME I AM TEH GREATUST" and then afterwards, Avienda writing a couple of novels explaining to people like they're 3 years old why it wasn't an illegitimate act of cowardice.

At one point, I was prepared to drop all my prejudice towards this flag when I heard they took Napi. Only later did I hear they had outjobbed for this victory which sadly fitted far too well into this Legacy image to be false. Only two weeks later, Terra got hit and Qvintus naved against RM. "We're not official allies so what I do doesn't concern you", lol, if people are this desperate for their 15 minutes of fame or 3 hours of cadenaving, you can be damn sure they'll be prepared for anything.

Rest assured forums, your supply of jack moves will continue to come from team Legacy. As long as Captain Hybris is at the rudder, anything can happen.
Dahl "I have higher moral standards" gren

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