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Posted by Ezder at Aug 11, 2011 3:34:56 AM
Re: Legacy's intent to scare Razor's Edge into scuttling Spectre
Decent point, but I throw it out the window based on how they have handled their past umpteen outpost blockades.

Oh, that's a nice one!

Our last umpteen outpost blockades should be all of them, so I'll give you a list.

Spectre XXIV, June 27 2010: Baby Legacy drops on an undefended island, trying to snipe our first precious pixels. Yes, we did. Boo Our Other Booched dropped last minute to spice up the flagsit, but didn't have the organisation needed to win that day. 3-0 for Legacy.

Spectre XXV, July 4 2010: Qvintus saw the scuttle button for the first time, and just had to figure out what it did. After realising what it did, we tried to turn the mistake into a fun training blockade, but with Boo Our Other Booched thirdpartying with two frigs, we made the greenie mistake of sinking them first, lost round one, got scared and pulled out. Lost 3-0.

Dendrite XXIX, October 24 2010: Ok, not a pretty one. We were too focused on winning our second island to start up the blockade pond, Qvintus had just started on antidepressants which made him stand still for several turns a few times (not good for a naver/BA), so we pushed pay to win. This has been discussed thoroughly after it happened, and we are not proud of it. Won 3-1 for Legacy.

Polaris XIX, January 15 2011: After a flamestorm against Captainben for taking Ansel from Infierno De Los Diablos in a flagsit, we decided to make a parody of a flagsit on the island that Infierno De Los Diablos still had. We posted an intent to flagsit, and started pay on 1 PoE/seg. Due to third parties (And I think, another drop by Babehun's flag at the time), pay went up to 21 PoE/seg. This was one of the most exciting blockades we've ever done, especially round three, where Heisenberg's Uncertainty sent in junks at 1K/seg, and Qvintus had to juggle 3 pointsitting sloops with 3 alts on each, while Narci ran around from buoy to buoy on a full sloop, hiding from the junks, and Zorbo saved the day by filling a sloop in Booty Bashers to grab more points. Won 3-0 for Legacy.

Ansel XIV, February 20 2011: Arranged blockade with Subtle Tease, where different caps were tried in each round, just to see if they worked (they didn't, really), both flags shared the same vent channel for land staff and waiting navers, and Anchovia land admiraled for both flags. Lost 3-1 in a chickenrace in round three, were neither flag wanted Ansel, and both were afraid that the other would pull out first. Legacy's fleet for this blockade consisted of only Anchovy ships.

Dendrite XXX, March 5 2011: The first pond blockade, where a strict cap was used and Legacy supplied both fleets, with Pillars of Confidence challenging. Won 3-0 to Legacy, after PoC pulled out in R2.

Viridis XXXIII, May 29 2011: We all know this one. Fast Forward dropped on Subtle Tease, asked for someone to spice up the flagsit, Legacy decided to last minute drop, kept pay at 500 despite very uneven jobbing and lost round one and two. We then won round three due to a 3P that obviously didn't like Fast Forward, and Fast Forward pulled out. During the long break, we talked to Fast Forward, lowered pay after the 3P paywar, and asked them to come back. They did, then pulled out again. Won 3-2 for Legacy, and tartfest of the month.

Surtsey XIII, June 5 2011: Legacy dropped on Razor's Edge, due to an old grudge with Cymbach. Razor's Edge did not defend so, to avoid a flagsit, Legacy asked New Ocean Order to drop and come play with us, and gave them 500K for jobber pay. Won 3-1 for Legacy.

Viridis XXXIV, July 30 2011: Fast Forward dropped without any previous agreement regarding terms, then pulled out after R1 because the blockade was sinking. Won 3-0 to Legacy.

Viridis XXXV, August 7 2011: DON'T LOOK AT ME dropped, after approaching me a week in advance and discussing terms in detail. The blockade was kept even, both sides used some of their newer navers and I think anyone who was there can agree that it was quite a nice blockade. Lost 3-1.

Those are the ten outpost blockades that Legacy have done. Most of them were fun and altogether, they cost less than one "real" large island blockade.

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