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Posted by shipsitter1 at Aug 10, 2011 6:23:15 PM
Re: Legacy's intent to scare Razor's Edge into scuttling Spectre
Seems like you guys are just a bunch of pompous people that are over satisfied by their pixels and want to win the game rather than have fun THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME.

I think Legacy tends to blockade outposts more because they actually find it more fun. Normally what comes with a large is a huge amount of complaining afterwards and the blockade as a whole takes a toll on people trying to manage a 20 frig clusterf&*^, where blockading a outpost sometimes comes with tarting but I personally find them a lot funner than a huge blockade at a large island. Plus you don't spend as much attacking a outpost, saves some money with low jobbing numbers and you can blockade more often, which is more fun to them. Just my theory, I recently joined Legacy so you would have to ask Avi or Q.

Wow i agree with this completely. If you are here for the actual cade not the island why spend huge amounts of money on larges and mediums when you can spend a lot less poe on OPs. Plus the stress of trying to win a OP is so less then one of a large.
Do i really need one?


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