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Posted by 2NDSKY at Aug 8, 2011 2:21:15 PM
Re: The Viridis Tea Party (Defense intent)
Just a few thoughts on the day after the blockade.

Newer flags who want cheap, friendly blockades tend to be afraid of the large, established blockade flags, and not ask them. Instead, they often ask small flags, who sit on their one precious island and hardly have poe to defend with in the first place, not to mention the organisation and interest to blockade, and the skill and experience to actually keep jobbing even.

The result of that may very well be a good blockade but it is more likely to be either a boring flagsit, or a low-end blockade where both flags try too hard to win that precious island, spend more than they planned, fail to keep it even and feelings are hurt.

I think that the "utopia" of civilised contested blockades where both flags are in it for the fun rather than the island is more likely to come true between established blockade flags. A flag that enjoys blockading, and holds or has held multiple islands, won't be so bothered about winning or losing a silly outpost, or spending a couple of millions, nor will that flag put prestige into winning or losing such a blockade, which almost guarantees good sportsmanship.

I'm not saying that small flags should not be blockaded, definitely not. But if you want a "friendly", civilised blockade that will be cheap but yet well contested, you are probably better off asking an established flag, that has an outpost. There are no guarantees, but asking never hurts. Also, we can't really expect the smaller flags to be as careless about islands, even though they should of course aim for good sportsmanship. (As should the larger flags in more serious blockades, of course.)

End of pointless novel, I guess... But on a sidenote, man, it's hard to keep jobbing even, even when both sides agree that it should be kept fair and really try for it. For others who want to try, I can only recommend making small raises, and being patient, rather than raising/matching too soon and too much.

Not to fall back on Viridis to much, but I got a few questions.

So, let's say there's a new flag out there that would love to get into blockading? Right? They aren't in it for the islands or fame, they just simply like to blockade. Well how about that!

Now, they aren't afraid to drop on big flags, infact they love a challenge! Their main drive is fun and well contested blockades. Oke. So let's say one day a royal of that new flag approaches you, and tells you that they are going to blockade one of your islands. He gives you the time, date and name of the island.
!!! Unfortunatly this royal forgot to ask if said time would suit your flag!!! What would you do?

Possible actions:

A) Act as if nothing is wrong, but take it offensive the day after!
B) Open your mouth, and tell him you're not sure if it would be such a great time. Perhaps you could arrange a better one for both sides!
C) Take no offense and hope for a fun blockade! After all that's our moto!
D) See it as a personal attack and make them spend!

Ding ding ding! What is your anwer?
Shadowie on Obsidian

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